Governor Tom Corbett today signed into law Senate Bill 1375, ensuring that federally funded Extended Benefits in Pennsylvania will continue, without interruption, to unemployment compensation claimants through March 10, 2012. Extended Benefits are additional weeks of unemployment compensation payable to qualified workers when the state's unemployment rate reaches a certain level.

Extended Benefits are only payable after individuals have exhausted their rights to state-funded benefits and federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation. High Unemployment Period (HUP) Extended Benefits are payable to individuals who have exhausted their regular Extended Benefits.

The newly enacted legislation will allow claimants to receive High Unemployment Period Extended Benefits through February 18, 2012, and regular Extended Benefits through March 10, 2012.

It is estimated that the law will allow 17,000 claimants to collect $30 million in federally funded Extended Benefits over the five week period from February 5, 2012 through March 10, 2012. The law goes into effect immediately, and is retroactive. Without this change in the law, claimants could only collect Extended Benefits through February 4, 2012.

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