It’s been four days since Old Man Winter cast an early blast of winter weather on Central Pennsylvania, and its effects are still being felt.

On Wednesday night, Met-Ed estimated nearly three thousand people were still without power across the region including 2130 homes in York County, 86 in Dauphin County, 415 in Lebanon County, 75 in Lancaster County, 302 in Cumberland County, and 137 homes in Adams County.

For many of those residents, life without power has become the normal, although the novelty is wearing off.

Jill Brooks of South Annville Township, Lebanon County lives on Palm Avenue.

“It's frustrating,” said Brooks.

Her neighborhood has been without power since the height of Saturday’s storm and many houses have been running off generators.

“It's very hard walking around with flashlights and having electrical cords all over the place and falling over them,” said Brooks.

Brook’s father, Tom Stager said his generator has been working overtime this year.  He points out he’s used it during Tropical Storm LeeHurricane Irene, and last weekend Nor’easter.

“It’s been a different kind of year,” said Stager.

While a generator does temporarily help with the creature comforts of home it does come with a 30 dollar daily price tag, “Every ten hours you need to put gas in it,” added Stager.

Stager points out the frequent power losses albeit lengthy is the cost of living in the country, “Life goes on – you gotta do what you gotta do,” he said.

According to Stager, he said the neighborhood is expected to have their power restored by Saturday.