Steven Holden has been trying to clear his name since early November.

The Lebanon County man bought the Bose stereo of his dreams only to take it home to find the box filled with water and pillows.   Holden claims the stereo was nowhere to be found. 

Since November, Holden has claimed his innocence.

“All I want you to do is clear my name because I didn’t do anything,” said Holden.

Holden has spent countless hours and valuable resources speaking to Best Buy, police and his bank to get them to believe his story.

“That was a little over 26 hundred dollars,” said Holden.  He added, “I had to get it back – I couldn’t just throw it away.”

Holden decided to take his story one step further, “I volunteered at the time to take a lie detector test.  I knew I was not guilty,” said Holden.

The test came back proving Holden did not fabricate his story and takes the results directly to Best Buy.

After nearly a month and a half – the store backs down and takes him for his word.

According to Holden who had a phone conversation with Best Buy’s corporate headquarters earlier this week, Holden said the company decided to credit his account.

Now with a few grand back in his pocket, Holden said he has learned a valuable lesson, “Open the box and make sure it’s in there.”

Fox 43 did contact Best Buy for a statement but declined to comment.