Wednesday’s call for action against The Hershey Company bled into a second day of protests.

Hundreds of international students called on the chocolate giant to answer their call to why they’ve been forced to work under alleged improper working conditions and pay.

Roman Sultzhao, a 20-year-old computer engineering student from the Ukraine said, “Coming to America I wanted to see this country.” 

Instead, Sultzhao said he’s been working at a local Hershey processing plant working third shift, making minimum wage, and believes he and his other foreign friends have been exploited.

“I paid for this work,” said Sultzhao.  “Hershey used me and all these people,” he added.

The group of students is being supported by both The Hershey Company Union as well as the National Guestworker Alliance.

“These students are determined to remain on strike,” said NGA Communications Director Stephen Boykewich.

Boykewich added, “[They] continue to build pressure and continue to build support across Pennsylvania.”

As the news of the student protest spread across the Internet and media outlets on Tuesday, Washington, DC has taken notice.

Boykewich said the U.S. State Department “is sending a delegation of human rights investigators to understand what’s going on.”

According to Boykewich, a number of the students will be traveling across the Mid-Atlantic Friday to participate in rallies against improper working conditions and alleged companies who have been exploiting the J-1 visa international guest worker program.

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