A man accused of stealing over $400 worth of merchandise from Kohl's at park City tried to elude capture while pushing his 2 year-old son in a stroller. Police say Samuel Alexander, 29, and Kimyatta Moore, 28, both of the 400 block of Vine Street, were caught by a Kohl's loss prevention officer stuffing $414.99 worth of clothing into bags they concealed on the stroller. The two communicated via phone while they split up to loot the store. When employees attempted to stop Alexander, he ran through the store at a speed which police say put the child at risk. When police got Alexander to the police station, they noticed he was wearing two pairs of stolen pants, valued at $176, bringing the total haul of stolen goods to nearly $600.

Alexander is charged with retail theft, conspiracy to commit retail theft and disorderly conduct. Moore is charged with retail theft and conspiracy to commit retail theft.