A York County State Police Station Commander retires amid DUI allegations . Barry E. Staub retired Friday, the same day charges were filed against him stemming from a December 10th traffic stop in Union Township, Adams County.

Around 11:30 p.m. that night a woman called 911 after witnessing a Red Ford Explorer that Staub was driving swerve all over the road along Route 116, according to court documents. A short time later a Gettysburg state police trooper pulled Staub over after witnessing him fail to negotiate a turn, nearly hitting a group of mailboxes along the roadway. The trooper stated in court documents that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming off of Staub and noticed his bloodshot eyes. Staub told the trooper he had "a couple" of drinks and then proceeded to fail a Field Sobriety Test.

Staub was taken to Gettysburg Hospital where he agreed to a blood test.

Court documents reveal Staub's blood-alcohol level was .28 percent. That's more than three times the state's legal limit for driving.

Straub is expected to be prosecuted by the state attorney general's office.