Leaders from State-Related universities stood before the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday morning.  Representatives desired to make their case to have state funding reinstated known.


Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget slashes about 30% from Penn State, Pitt, and Temple.  Lincoln University however is on track to see level funding this year.  The governor told FOX43 ‘we’re living in lean times which call for certain decisions to be made.’ While some state lawmakers agree with the Governor’s strategy, others say there is another way.


“To provide a sustainable education in the future they need to start looking within their own house and start reducing their costs if they can,” said Rep. Seth Grove (R) 196TH District.


“I don't think just giving them less state subsidy is a way to reform the tuition system and that's all we got from the governor,” said Rep. Eugene DePasquale (D) 95TH District.


If Governor Corbett’s budget passes, Penn State will face a more than $60 million dollar cut. Pitt will see a more than $40 million dollar slash in funding and Temple will face a close to $42 million dollar cut. Each increase could result in higher tuition. Pitt is currently considering raising tuition by $3,000.


The 14 State universities are facing a 20% funding cut. A budget vote must be made by June 30th.