Across Central Pennsylvania, people are watching the path of Hurricane Irene very closely.

“The best case scenario is if this blows off to the east,” said PennDot District 8 spokesperson Mike Crochunis.  He added, “It’s not looking that way.”

PennDot crews in Dauphin County are already preparing for the worst case scenario; “Checking our inventory – making sure we have enough barrels and barricades and our equipment is in working order,” said Crochunis.

PennDot along with Dauphin County road crews said they’re confident they Susquehanna River won’t break the banks, but they are bracing for streams and creeks to rise quickly in wake of Irene.

On Thursday, PennDot crews were already cleaning storm drains, and placing barricades down in flood prone areas.

“There could be washouts – some deep as five feet,” said Tim Singleton of PennDot.  “It’s very dangerous.”

PennDot aren’t the only ones keeping track of Irene’s path.  It’s been on Ralph Castle, of Cumberland County, radar for days. “Like I say, we are watching the weather and sure everyone here is in the know too,” said Castle.

Castle’s neighborhood is prone to flooding, and said it’s flooded four times earlier this year.

“I’ve lived here for ten years and seen all kinds of floods,” said Castle.

While he’s prepared to leave in the event of Irene, he said he simply hopes he won’t be forced from his home a fifth time.

“If we get in danger of a flood we need to evacuate all the people,” he said.