Pennsylvania's 2012-2013 budget is headed to Governor Tom Corbett's desk. Friday the Senate passing it with a 32-17 vote. The $27.7 billion budget doesn't raise taxes. Republicans say it invests in education by keeping funding at current levels for public universities, and most school districts. Some districts, including Harrisburg, even getting some extra cash.

" There's a lot of good things, is it a perfect budget? No. But overall, very good in bad economic times to have no taxes and a lot of needs met, not all but a lot," says Senator Pat Vance, (R) 31st District

Democrats say the cuts to human services and the Department of Public Welfare are disappointing and insufficient to take care of the neediest Pennsylvanians.

" The Governor and the Republican majority simply don't want to deal with these pressing problems that we have, They want to give big businesses big tax breaks at a time when everyone else is feeling a lot of pain," says Representative Joesph Markosek ( D) 25th District

Governor Corbett is expected to sign the budget on Saturday before it's midnight deadline.