Shortly after 9:00 Wednesday night the State House of Representatives passed, Governor Tom Corbett's 27.5 billion dollar budget plan.  The spending plan passed by 109 - 92, almost split by party lines.

This is the first time in nearly 10 years that a state budget has been passed on time.  

Republican Representative John Payne of Dauphin County, said, "I think that if we can do this is this economy on time, it's a great statement on how hard we worked to get this done."  

In fact, on a rare Sunday session, earlier this week, both Senate and House members began debating Governor Corbett's budget  to try and stream line the proposal before it went to a full vote.  

Lawmakers were tasked to make some hard choices, and by the request of the Governor, trim at least four billion dollars.

Glen Grell, a Republican House member from Cumberland County said, "Nobody likes to make cuts - we were faced with a situation."

While, the debate raged on Wednesday, Democrats took their allotted time on the House Floor saying the Governor's proposal would hurt the middle class as well as put education in a tough place.

York County Democrat, Eugene DePasquale said education cuts were his primary concern.

During Wednesday's debates, Rep. DePasquale told Fox 43, education cuts would be detrimental to the City of York and increase classes size two-fold.  

"Governor Corbett's budget will lead to higher hurdles for our children trying to compete when the cuts go through."

Many Democrats also said that the tens of millions of dollars in education cuts could have been eliminated if the state used some of it's 700 million dollar surplus to pipe back into the education system.

Governor Corbett is expected to sign the new budget Thursday.