Typically the end of the holiday season also means the end of work for seasonal employees. However, one local business is bucking that trend. In October 2010, Best Buy in Springettsbury Township hired 26 seasonal employees. January 14th was scheduled as the last day on the job. However, more than half the employees have been offered part-time employment.

"We always put the challenge out there that if they like us and we like them and we have the room to keep them we would love to keep them," says Cindy Kemmerly, Best Buy General Manager.

Allison Krout is one employee who will remain on the job. She's a recent college graduate who is preparing to join the Navy. The continued work will help her to remain self-sufficient.

"I would have had to rely on my parents, which things are hard for them now-a-days."

Kemmerly tells Fox 43 in the past, seasonal employees have transitioned to full-time employment. In some special cases these individuals have even gained managerial positions.