The creators of The Jetsons may not have been too close in predicting what the 21st century was going to be like, but did scientists in the 1980's have a better idea? 

Fox News looked into whether the winners of the "Writers of the Future" award in 1987 accurately predicted what the world was going to look like in 2012.

Some of them were eerily accurate.

Sheldon Glashow, who won a Nobel Prize in physics, said he believed America would see a relentless economic decline and future generations wouldn't live as comfortably as their parents.  He also talked about a growing divide between the rich and the poor.

Sci-fi writer Gregory Benford said the world populations would reach eight billion, which isn't too far, it's just under seven billion right now.  He also said there would be bases on the moon and a successful trip to mars.