After a two-year-old nearly drowns in her Wrightsville swimming pool local experts are giving advice about pool safety.

"You should never leave children under the age of 14 unsupervised inside the pool," said Scott Sprenkle, Buchmyers Pools. "With an above ground pool, they should never dive head first into the pool. In ground pools the water should be at least six to eight feet deep when they're diving or even sliding into the pool."

There should also be safety devices in place. A pool cover should be in place when the pool is not being used. There are also pool alarms. If anything over 10 pounds falls into the water an alarm sounds inside and outside the house. There are also gate alarms that sound if a code is not typed in.

Thomas Hoff and his sister Bonnie Neuman have had a pool in their backyard for nearly 20 years. They told Fox 43 a fence linked by chains gives them comfort.

"The gate is the old time big iron gate that a child could not even open," said Neuman. "It's hard for an adult to open it."

When the two have company they told Fox 43 they're always present.

"We do have a lot of kids come but it's always locked and if kids do come we're there watching them at all times," said Hoff.

"Even my grandchildren who are 18, 19, 21, we're always there," said Neuman.

Sprenkle says an above ground pool can cost $5,000 if not more. He says purchasing a few safety devices is simply a drop in the bucket to ensure summer safety.

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