Cold temperatures might be keeping you inside, but some people spend hours working in the frigid weather.

Larry Stuckey and Chris Guido are volunteers with York's Helphing Hand for the Homeless. The volunteers walked up a down between cars at the intersection of Rathton Road and S. Queen Street on Friday asking for donations. They carried large buckets full of change from donations.

"It warms my heart, definitely, but it doesn't help my body temperature," Guido said. He has six layers of clothing to help keep him warm in the 20 degree weather.

"I've got four pairs of thermals on the bottom, a pair of sweatpants and these windpants," Guido said. "Pretty much the same on the top, plus two hoodies and a coat."

"I'm perfectly warm," Stuckey said. "Big coat, longjohns, a hoodie. Everything. I'm ready for the weather."

Stuckey's been doing this for four years, and he's taught Guido a few tips for staying warm.

"Keep moving, stay in the sunlight," Guido said. "Another thing, when the buses drive by, you get a little exhaust from the back. It helps a lot."

The duo doesn't know exactly how much money they bring in during the day, but the know how they stack up.

"They put out a list of the top four every week," Guido said. "Larry and I are on there every week."

He said the weather would never stop him from volunteering.

"It could be a blizzard out here," he said. "I'll be out here freezing."