95 people in York County open up their mouths to help save a little boy's life. It sounds strange, but they're giving samples of cells from inside their mouths, to see if they could be a bone marrow donor.

9 year old Aaron Thomas needs the bone marrow transplant. He's suffering from a rare form of leukemia and needs a donor.

Aaron's mother, Jenny Wagner says, "a perfect match would have been my daughter, me or their father, but unfortunately we knew that in 2005 when he was first diagnosed."

To help find a suitable match, a bone marrow drive was held Tuesday afternoon at The Church of the Open Door in West Manchester Township. Nearly 100 people went through the process of filling out paperwork, and wiping their mouths with four cotton swabs. The cells collected will be tested and entered into a bone marrow database; they could be a match with Aaron, or anyone in the nationwide registry.

Andrea Woodall saw a flyer advertising the marrow drive. She says, "it really hit me & I thought what if it was my kid. I thought I live right down the street why not come out and try to help."

Aaron's cousin Kristy Conrad is also registering, she says, "if I can help save aaron's life, I'll do anything I can to save it."

If you would like to join the National Marrow Donor Program in Aaron's honor, you can do it online. Log onto www.marrow.org & enter promo code zachDB. A kit will be mailed to you with instructions on how to correctly swab your mouth. Send it back & and you will be entered in the system as a potential bone marrow donor.