Members of several local church groups, who spent a week helping hurricane victims in Mississippi, are back at home.

One group, from Saint Matthew Lutheran Church in York, worked up a sweat by rebuilding floors, framing windows and painting homes. The houses were leveled by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and are still unable to be lived in.

73 year old volunteer Kent Gaston, says "I've never experienced something like that kind of devastation, so I figure I ought to help out."

Denny Reigart, who helped organize the trip says, "we decided on Biloxi and that's where we're going to continue, I mean it's not finished down there, so why should we stop going down there?"

The volunteers also spent time painting a home in New Orleans, Louisiana, which they say looks much worse than Biloxi. That's where they got some help from the 2009 Miss America Pageant winner Katie Stam.

The group is already planning another trip to Mississippi next April; for many, it will be their eighth trip to the area.