Lori Edwards knows a man that's deserving of the cash she said, when we met her at the park bench by the Kiwanis Lake in York.

David Walker helps the entire community, more specifically those with mental illnesses said Lori.

"He's had the most challenging life of anyone I know and he never complains," said Lori.

David himself suffers from Bi-Polar and Arthritis.

He also undergoes dialysis treatments and he was told he is not a candidate for a Kidney transplant.

With little money, he uses poetry to inspire others with mental illnesses.

Lori said his prayers seem to always come true and that might be why David feels like he is blessed despite all his obstacles.

"Most people couldn't cope with half of what he's been through and have a smile on their face and still get up every day and want to help other people," said Lori.

She surprises him at his apartment with $200.

"This visit, I'm telling you now, will more than likely will keep me out of the hospital," said David.

David is hoping to sell his book to raise money for the Mental Health Association and the Kidney Foundation.

"I'm sure my Lord will continue to bless me as long as I continue to pray," said David.