As a rare October snow storm barrels down on Central Pennsylvania – PennDot is ready for the first storm of the season.

Outside PennDot’s Susquehanna Township Headquarters, Greg Penny, PennDot spokesperson, said, “We’ve been preparing for winter since this summer.”

Despite PennDot’s readiness, it did come to many by a surprise.

Dale Good, of PennDot’s Dauphin County office said, “In my 23 years – I don’t remember this much snow so early.”

Throughout the day Friday, PennDot’s fleet of snow plows were loaded with tons of salt, and snow plows were installed on each truck prior to the weekend’s early winter blast.

PennDot’s operation center will be open starting at four Saturday morning monitoring road conditions, and plow operators will be headed out soon afterward.

Depending on road conditions and the anticipated snowfall rates, PennDot could increase the number of plows as conditions warrant.

Good said, “If it starts snowing heavier than we'll call more people out until we get to our 42 trucks.”

PennDot does caution drivers that the heavy wet snow plus the fall foliage could be destructive in nature.

The weight could cause tree limbs to break, and trees to fall during the storm, leading to possible  road being closures across the area.