A massive warehouse fire in Carlisle is still burning this morning. Over a hundred firefighters from several counties battled the flames inside of the vacant complex at the old IAC building off Spring Road.

The size and scope of this fire is hard to grasp from the ground. This complex is almost 50 acres that houses over a dozen buildings. Fire consumed several of those buildings sending flames into the air and some nearby residents out of their homes.

"You can feel the heat coming. It is insane, craziness," said concerned neighbor Julie Heller.

An intense warehouse fire burned out of control for much of the night in Carlisle. Flames and smoke could be seen for miles.

"The next thing I know, I look out my window and there is flames everywhere," Heller said.

"Just seeing a whole bunch of flames. They told us to evacuate the street," said concerned neighbor Brittany Burd.

Firefighters got the call around 10:15 last night for a fire inside the old International Automotive Components building. The space has been vacant since 2008. The fire jumped from building to building, leading to explosions.

"We keep hearing little booms and stuff like that. It is kind of scary," Burd said.

"The entire facility is pretty much involved in fire," said Cumberland County Public Information Officer John Bruetsch.

About 100,000 of the 900,000 square feet of space burned of control. One hundred and thirty firefighters from several counties battled the flames. "This is basically what they call the big one," said Bruetsch.

"I have never seen anything like this in my life, never, ever," said Tara Ryder who was evacuated from her home.

Several nearby houses were too close to the flames. Fire crews ordered the evacuations of about 12 homes, even clearing the streets for safety.

"I am like freaking out because we don't know where to go," Ryder said.

Carlisle Events bought the property in November of 2010. A short time after the purchase, FOX43 got a tour of the 25 acres of buildings. Now, as fire consumes this real estate, the future plans for the site are on hold.

"They still have the big dreams and hopes of doing something special for this area and the Carlisle community," said Mike Garland from Carlisle Events.

The next step is trying to find a cause. Several fire marshals will investigate the cause. However fire officials say they might never be able to make a determination because of the extent of the damage.

Garland says certain areas of the complex had working utilities and an independent contractor was working inside as recently as yesterday.

No one was hurt. The people evacuated from their homes are expected to be allowed back in shortly.