Mike McQueary, talks about what he saw in the Penn State locker room when he was a graduate assistant in 2002.

He was grilled for more than two hours during today's preliminary hearing for former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.

On the stand - McQueary answers each question without hesitation - saying several times he saw Jerry Sandusky molesting a young boy.

He describes hearing, "skin on skin, rhythmic slapping sounds."

McQueary testifies he made eye contact with the 10 or 12 year old boy as well as Sandusky, saying "I know they saw me...they both looked me in the eye."

He talked about meeting with Coach Joe Paterno the next day - and then with Curley and Schultz a week and half later.  He said, "In my mind, I conveyed to them that I saw Jerry and a young boy...it was extremely sexual, wrong and over the line."

During the cross examination, the defense interrogates McQueary asking why he never called police.

He believed telling Schultz, who was then head of the campus police, was the right thing to do. Saying it was a "...delicate matter and I tried to use my best judgment..."

But when asked why he left the victim with Sandusky in the shower he said, "I was sure the act was over."