Recent violence in Afghanistan, that resulted in the death of Lancaster County nurse, Glen Lapp, is especially disturbing to a Dauphin County doctor. He makes at least four medical mission trips each year, all around the world. Doctor Domingo Alvear travels to Honduras, the Philippines, Ethiopia and more with a group called the World Surgical Foundation.

He says about 80-percent of the world's surgical needs are not met, that's why he will continue to help people who need care.

Doctor Alvear is a Pediatric Surgeon, who sees thousands of children every year, both at his office in Harrisburg and on those medical mission trips.

He performs operations that most doctors aren't qualified to do, saving countless lives.

When he heard the news that Glen Lapp & other American medical volunteers were killed in Afghanistan, his heart sank. He says healthcare volunteers should be protected while carrying out their services.

"We feel that when people do medical missions, whether it's medical or surgical, to help out the situation in any given country, they should be free of violence, they shouldn't be included in political problems or hate, whatever," Dr. Alvear says.

The big problem he sees is the way the United States is perceived by people in other countries.

"The problem we have is that the U.S. is perceived as a conqueror, imperialist rather than somebody who helps and there's nobody in the world who helps more people, from the time that I've known the U.S., than the U.S.," says the doctor, who is originally from the Philippines.

In addition to helping patients, Doctor Alvear & his team also educates doctors and nurses in other countries how to take care of the patients.

Dr. Alvear's next trip will be to Honduras in November.