The EMS Team that assists Harrisburg firefighters is no longer stationed within city limits.

Life Team spent years calling Station No. 1 on North 6th Street home. Now, their parking spot and office space is empty and they are working out of Rescue Fire Station two miles north in Susquehanna Township.

According to emails between Fire Chief Robert Talloni and a city council member, Life Team was notified by the chief on November 16, 2010 to find other space.

Firefighters heard the move was to make room for a new office for Chief Talloni.

City Council will be trying to figure out if it makes sense to make the EMS team sitting in a township they don't even cover at next week's meeting.

"It's an increase in their time to services we can not provide. It would be nice to have them in the city limits again. When it comes to a medical emergency or any emergency, every minute counts, seconds count," said Scott Young of the Harrisburg Firefighters Union.

A public safety meeting is being held on Tuesday March 29 at 6pm in City Council Chambers.

The Director of Life Team says the response time will be mixed; better for some city residents and worse for others.