“I saved up my money.  It’s time to get a Bose System.”

Steve Holden of Lebanon County is an avid sports fan and saved for months to purchase a sound system of his dreams.

In early November, the retired veteran bought his new system at the Lower Paxton Township Best Buy store on Jonesville Road.

He said he took it back home and opened the box.

Holden said, “This is what I found,” opening the box with a pair of scissors.

Holden opened the box and said, “Bose is giving a people a pillow to relax and enjoy their music.”

Holden said he reached deeper in his Bose box.

“Wait – Wait,” said Holden.  He added, “Another pillow?”  “Something is wrong here.”

That Bose stereo he wanted was replaced by three pillows and four cases of water. 

The price tag including a one year warranty on the purchase came out to roughly 25 hundred dollars.

“It was tampered with,” said Holden.

Holden said he immediately took the box back to the store – and called Lower Paxton Township Police.

Fox 43 contacted the officer who investigated the matter and said it is a civil matter between Holden and Best Buy.

Best Buy would not comment only providing a statement that read, “Best Buy is cooperating fully with authorities and does not comment on open investigations.”

Meanwhile, Holden said he is innocent and simply wants a stereo. “I don’t care what you do – take finger prints.  I’ll take a lie detector test.  I’ll do anything,” added Holden.  He added, “This is the way I got it.”

Meanwhile, Holden said that he has contacted his bank who is also investigating and is filing paperwork in a Harrisburg small claims court to claim his innocence.