A short lived one man crime spree in Lancaster City. It wasn't hard for police to track the suspect.  He was riding a pink and purple bicycle.  It began Friday morning with police responding to a call along the 400 block of East Clay street.  A teacher at Camelot School reported seeing a man inside a Jeep Wrangler belonging to  school staff member.  The suspect rode away, empty handed, on the colorful bicycle when the witnessed yelled at him.

About 10 minutes later police received another call for a possible theft from a vehicle just two blocks away on North Plum Street.  A different witness also described the suspect as a man on a pink and purple bicycle.  The suspect was seen inside a Volvo sedan and then riding away after placing a square black item from the Volvo into a small black bag he was carrying. 

Less than an hour later, a James Street Improvement District Ambasador noticed a man riding a pink and purple coloured bike and followed him to a garage in the 1000 block of North Duke Street.  Officers arrived and found 37 year old Jose Luis Gonzalez inside the garage. They also found a small black bag on a work bench. Gonzalez was positively identified by the various witnesses to the attempted thef and the theft involving the two vehicles.

Charges against Gonzalez include two counts of Theft from Vehicle.  He was sent to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of bail.