The Allstate Insurance Agency in Springettsbury Township, York County has fielded upwards of 150 phone calls since Hurricane Sandy swept through Central Pennsylvania.  While the volume is lower than expected, the calls led to several claims including claims for siding, roofing, and furniture damage.  The insurance company also filed a claim for a tree on a house.  The agency owner told FOX43 the best advice moving forward is to keep insurance policies top of mind.

“Sit down and review your policies,” said Greg Nicholas, Allstate Insurance.  “Make sure that you have the coverage that you think you have because a lot of times people will buy insurance and won't review it for 10, 15 years and then they have a claim and they realize that their policy hasn't kept up with inflation.”

Nicholas recommends reviewing policies at least once a year, making sure to include any additions to your home, such as a deck or sunroom.  The goal is to have enough coverage to replace what you currently have.  As for flood insurance, Nicholas said it’s not for everyone and should be obtained on a case by case basis.  He advises people to discuss the matter with their insurance agent. 

“Some people buy flood insurance,” said Nicholas.  “Some people don't. There are a lot of limitations for flood insurance.  It does help to have it in certain situations but in other cases it wouldn't have paid very much for you.”

Governor Tom Corbett on Thursday announced Pennsylvania homeowners will not have to pay hurricane deductibles on insurance claims that stem from damage caused by Sandy.  It is imperative to note however, homeowners must still pay standard homeowner deductibles for wind and storm-related claims.  For more information on Sandy-related insurance information log onto