The 34th annual Hershey's Track and Field Games North American Final Meet took place on the Milton Hershey School Campus on Saturday.

Carl Lewis, a nine-time Olympic gold medalist and an ambassador for the event, says he too started out at events like this one.

"Every year that I come back to Hershey, and one of the kids, the small kid for his age with glasses on and it's like who's that little kid? Why is he out here? I see myself and it's just great to be out here with them," said Lewis.

He says that's why it's so great to see so many parents in the stands, investing in their children's future and well being. Whether the kids win or lose their events, Lewis says, at the end of the day, they'll leave having had a great experience.

"That's why you nevew know with kids. Our job should be to motivate every child because you just don't know," he said. "They came here this morning with their game faces on and they're gonna leave with a chocolate bar. There's nothing better than that."

The North American Final Meet was for boys and girls ranging from 9 to 14. Organizers say the event is the largest youth activity of its kind in North America.