Engineer and political newcomer Harry Perkinson is the Democratic nominee for the 4th Congressional District seat, an area currently represented by Republican Rep. Todd Platts, who is not seeking re-election.

The race proved to be a tight one, but at the end of the night, Perkinson, of York County, got 56 percent of the vote to his Cumberland County opponent Ken Lee's 44 percent.

Perkinson gave his acceptance speech at the Roosevelt Tavern in York, where York County democrats took in the results.

"Tomorrow is the beginning of the general election. Let's get started," he told the crowd.

The positive tone of this race set it apart from others.

"I'm proud of the campaign you ran, as a Democrat and someone involved with the Democratic party, wonderful, wonderful race," Lee, a Harrisburg-area attorney, told Perkinson in his concession speech.

Perkinson has a difficult race ahead as he'll face Republican State Rep. Scott Perry in November. The area has sent a Republican to Washington since 1976. Though Perkinson already has big plans if elected.

"Jobs and the economy are number one. Improving public education is number two," Perkinson said.