A local firefighter serving for over twenty years suddenly collapses and dies Sunday morning.

38-year-old Lt. Keith Rankin with the Lancaster Township Fire Department was training at the Lancaster County Fireman's Facility in West Lampeter Township Sunday morning.

The Deputy Chief tells Fox 43 that Rankin was talking to his colleagues when he suddenly dropped to the floor.

"There was no warning, he just collapsed instantly," said Deputy Chief Glenn Usdin, who was there.

Firefighters and emergency crews on the scene could not revive him.

"Keith was the type of guy that would do anything for anyone and help anybody and it has really hit us hard that we couldn't help him," Usdin said.

Rankin leaves behind a wife and two children and served as a volunteer firefighter for 23 years.

Firefighers from Manheim Township came to relieve firefighters in Lancaster Township so they could mourn on Monday.

"You always hear firefighters talking about the brother hood, and behind me are firefighters," he said.

Autopsy results show Rankin dying from Heart Arrhythmia, from Heart Disease.

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