Exelon Generation's three nuclear power stations in Pennsylvania are well prepared for Hurricane Sandy as it moves up the Eastern Seaboard. Operators at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Limerick Generating Station and Three Mile Island completed a host of pre-storm inspections this weekend to ensure the stations are prepared for the storm.

All Exelon nuclear stations are robust and fortified facilities, capable of withstanding the most severe weather, including hurricanes and floods. Extra precautions have been taken at each Pennsylvania facility, including increased staffing, pre-staging of emergency equipment, activating back-up communications, and securing outside equipment and materials.

"These extra storm precautions make our safe facilities even safer," said Chris Mudrick, Exelon Senior VP for Mid-Atlantic Operations. "Our plants are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions and we will continue to take actions that keep our stations, our workers and the public safe."

Emergency sirens near the stations are often used by local emergency operations officials to warn residents of severe storms. These alarms are not a sign to evacuate. If the tone sounds, residents are encouraged to tune into radio or TV emergency broadcasting channels.