On Thursday, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education met in Harrisburg to vote on raising tuition to all 14 of the state's public universities.

Starting this fall, students will be expected to fork out 436 dollars per year, or 218 dollars extra per semester.

Kenn Marshall, PASSHE spokesperson said, "We really had no choice."

The increase falls on the heels of a widely unpopular budget cut from the Governor's 2011 fiscal spending plan.  Overall, 90 million dollars were slashed from higher education.

While tuition rates are on the rise, many students across the state are expecting to pick up the extra financial burden.

Brittney Rieker of Harrisburg, work's two summer job's to help pay the cost of attending a state school.

"You have to do what you can," she said.

Rieker, who works at City Island in Harrisburg says it will be hard for her and her friends and classmates who pay for school on their own to shell out four hundred extra dollars per year.

She said if times get tough, "I'd think about transferring."

Lindsey Buffington also of Harrisburg is a recent Millerville grad.  Standing outside PASSHE's headquarters on Second Street in Harrisburg she said, "When looking at schools - state schools stuck out because the tuition was so much lower."

She added, if she she still was in school - finishing up maybe not have been an option.

"I don't know whether I could attend college - I might be going to community college or something."

Fox 43 did reach out to several college and universities on Thursday afternoon, Shippensburg University said they are still mauling over the recent budget cuts and are not sure exactly how will effect their student body.