INDIANTOWN GAP (Lebanon County) -

Pride and Patriotism took center stage Sunday at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.

Sunday's event drew crowds from across the Mid-Atlantic as a touching tribute to all those who served.

85-year-old Violet Hoffman said she's never missed this event in it's 29-year history.

She said her husband, a World War II veteran,  passed away back in 2004 and said Memorial Day has a special meaning in her heart.

"We need to honor all our veterans," she said.

Sunday's event was full of pomp and circumstance. 

Color Guards carrying flags of each branch of the Armed Services flanked on command, each branch was honored in a musical tribute followed by a loud applause, and finally a somber salute to every man an woman who died while serving in the line of duty.

William Koons of Lebanon, served in the Korean War.   He said, "This means a lot.  I know a lot of people who didn't make it."

Lt. Governor Jim Cawley was one of two key note speakers.

In an interview he said, "Memorial Day is important to pause and reflect."  But adds, "The challenge is for us to make everyday a remembrance day for the men and women who are in harms way in order to protect our freedoms and our American way of life."

With the crowds in the hundreds, many like Hoffman and Koons agreed with the Lt. Governor's sentiment.

Koons added looking at the crowd in attendance, "It shows that people care."

Sunday's ceremony was organized by volunteers and not the staff at the cemetery to pay honor to all the men and women who have served both past and present.