A military helicopter makes an emergency landing in Hellam Township, York County Wednesday afternoon.

The Black Hawk helicopter was being used in a training flight out of Fort Indiantown Gap. There were 3 people onboard. The crew noticed a warning light on the instrument panel and decided to immediately land the aircraft. The chopper was put down in a field near the intersection of Yorkana and Valley Acres Roads.

Another helicopter was brought in with parts and equipment to make repairs. After about 2 hours, the aircraft took off.

A neighbor, who lives about 500 yards from where the chopper landed, watched it all unfold.

"I was coming through Hellam and I saw the chopper, it was about tree top height and I saw it wasn't going very fast, so I hurried home and just in time to see it hovering in the field," said Terry Hildebrand, eyewitness.

Fire police blocked off a stretch of Yorkana Road while crews worked to repair the chopper. The road is now reopened.