Harrisburg City Council’s petition for bankruptcy has had its first real test on Monday during a status hearing with attorneys from city council, the City of Harrisburg, Dauphin County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The city, county and commonwealth all have dismissed the bankruptcy saying Council Members Brad Kopliniski, Susan Brown-Wilson, Eugenia Smith, and Wanda Williams overstepped their boundaries more than once.

Council agreed to hire Attorney Mark Schwartz last weeks without the mayor’s consent, and filed for bankruptcy without the mayor’s authorization.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Mayor Linda Thompson said, “We are on the side of the law.  Council was advised far in advance that they were not correct in their actions.”

Bankruptcy Judge Mary France told all parties on Monday this is new ground and did not want to rush into a decision. 

Attorney Mark Schwartz said, “She wants to hold and get things done.”  He added, “You are still in a new world with Chapter Nine.”

Neil Grover of Debt Watch Harrisburg, “We got here – we are here and I think we should go forward without fighting whether we belong here.  It’s just one more thing to pay for. “