Your cell phone can do many things . It can email, text, take pictures, and take voice commands.

Over the weekend Harrisburg Police discovered it can also help to solve crime.

When a man robbed another man at gunpoint along the 200 block of South Crescent Street in Harrisburg.

The robber took one thing ,the victim's cell phone. The phone, helped Harrisburg Police catch the criminal, using the GPS tracking devise.

" The iPhone has a corresponding website called find me so they can very simply go to their computer or laptop and go to the website, pull it up and it will give the location of the device," says Barry Brutko with Verizon Wirless

These Apps, can be installed on most smart phones like the iPhone or Droid.

It not only helps police, but parents too.

" I think because I have two teenagers that it`s a good thing to have that availability just for safety issues," says Karen Roberts of Harrisburg

All of this new technology can get confusing.

Verizon Wireless offers free weekly classes on how to use your smart phone.

If you have a Droid, the App is called, " Where's My Droid?"

If you have an iPhone the App is called, " FindMe"