Bailey Travel Service in York is ready to take you to Superbowl 45 in Dallas, Texas. The company is offering Superbowl travel packages. The total cost is around $4000.00, which includes tickets to the big game between the Pittsburgh Steelers & Green Bay Packers.

What's more, if the Steelers win, Bailey Travel will organize a trip to Pittsburgh for the team's Victory Parade.

"The last time they won the Superbowl, they had more than 350,000 people attend their Victory Parade, so we have a tentative schedule on February 8, 2011, which is the Tuesday after the Superbowl & we'll have departures in the York area & possibly Harrisburg that will take them to Pittsburgh," says John Bailey, Company President.

Tickets to the Steeler's Victory Parade will sell for $50.00 per person.