Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner says Pennsylvania has more structurally deficient bridges than any state in the country. On Wednesday, he called for a transportation funding program. To make his point, he stood in front of the Mulberry Street Bridge in Harrisburg which is one of 6,000 structurally deficient bridges in the state.

" As you`re traveling today, you are ten times more likely to drive by a structurally deficient bridge than you are to see a McDonalds," says Wagner

He says now is the time for lawmakers to form a transportation funding plan to start repairs.

" This is a safety issue, an economic issue and a quality of life issue. The number one reason why businesses relocate in an area is because they have a good transportation network, " says Robert Latham, Executive Vice President, Associated PA Constructors

Wagner says the 2.7 billion dollars recommended last year by the Governor`s transportation funding advisory committee could be coming from multiple areas that the state can save money. Some of those areas include public welfare programs. He also says repairs are a good opportunity to add more jobs in Pennsylvania.

" We need to put people back to work, there`s no better way to put people back to work then addressing a true problem and concern," says Wagner

The Auditor General also saying that raising taxes is another option to cover repairs. Something Governor Corbett has said he will not do.