York City Police make an arrest in the first homicide of the year. One suspect is now in custody and police are searching for another person they believe, may have been the gunman in the crime.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Court documents obtained by Fox43 this morning paint the picture of how the shooting happened on Saturday night on Girard Avenue. According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, 17-year-old Kenel Garcia-Cruz admits to police, he was driving a car involved in the shooting of 38-year-old Roberto Dejesus-Vargas. Dejesus-Vargas was originally identified as 29-year-old Jose Valentin-Castro because he was carrying identification with that name. Police later determined that id was fraudently obtained.

Garcia-Cruz admits to police he was hanging out with "Francisco" AKA "Pulga" on Saturday, January 9th, when Francisco called the victim, telling him they had to meet. They decided to meet near the Horizante Restaurant near the corner of Girard Avenue and Prospect Streets. Garcia-Cruz pulled up on the opposite side of the street from the victim. Francisco got out of the car, walked over to Dejesus-Vargas Dodge Durango and fired at least nine shots, fatally wounding the victim. He then ran back to the car and told Garcia-Cruz to "GO."

When police responded, they found Dejesus-Vargas dead of multiple gunshot wounds. Police found nine shell casings from a 9mm hand gun. About three hours later, the York Fire Department responded to a car fire along Arch Street. The Ford Winstar, driven by Garcia-Cruz and used in the shooting, was found on fire. Firefighters managed to save the car and it was examined for evidence. Inside, police found one more shell casing that matched the shell casings found at the scene.

Cell phone records also indicate that Francisco had called the victim just minutes before the shooting.

PREVIOUS STORY: Since the shooting on Saturday night, police have been talking to witnesses and people who knew the victim, 29-year-old Jose Valentin-Castro, developing leads. Now those leads, turning in to one arrest. But still, police are searching for a second suspect in this shooting.

The attached picture is the man that police are still looking for, "Francisco" also known as "PULGA." He is described as a light skinned Dominican male, 5'6, thin build, with a ponytail and a tattoo on the left side of his neck that reads "Emmanuel." He is wanted in connection with this shooting on Girard Avenue on Saturday night. Jose Valentin-Castro was shot several times while sitting inside his running SUV. Now, once again, police need your help to find this man.

"We know it's hard for people to come forward, some people are afraid to do that, but it's the only way we can solve any of these types of crimes is with community participation," said York City Police Acting Chief Wes Kahley.

Police are making headway on the case. Yesterday, they arrested Kenel Garcia-Cruz. He is being charged with one count of criminal homicide and one count of conspiracy to commit criminal homicide. He is being held at the York County Prison.

Since the investigation began, police here in York have said that this was not a random act of violence. They believe Valentin-Castro was targeted. Neighbors along Girard Avenue say gang activity is prevalent in the area. Police not confirming whether this shooting was gang related.