It is not even November yet and we are already talking about the possibility of snow. A storm is moving towards our area that could drop several inches of wet snow. PennDOT is finishing its preparations for this storm and the entire winter season.

If feels like just yesterday we were sitting poolside enjoying the warm summer temps. But those times are over. It's cold outside and with the potential for snow PennDOT crews are putting the finishing touches on preparations for the season. The goal is to keep everyone on the roads safe.

PennDOT plows care for over 40,000 miles of roads across the state. That number is larger than the amount of miles maintained by New York, New Jersey and all of the New England states combined. With such a huge amount of ground to cover, the primary focus of plowing is always first on the primary roads. Once those are clear, plows will hit those secondary state roads.

Just last year, PennDOT used over a million tons of salt during the winter season. As always, crews say, give them some time and space to work and they will get the job done.

On slick roads, drivers can also help themselves. Last winter, there were 393 crashes resulting in 3 deaths and 214 injuries from people driving aggressively on dicey roads. PennDOT says drivers should slow down and use caution and you will get to where you are going just fine.

Today will also be a good time to check out supplies left over from last year. PennDOT recommends drivers carry an emergency kit with some extra clothes, a blanket and a bit of food in case you get stuck. Even if this storm doesn't warrant the emergency kit, you will then be prepared for the rest of the winter.