If ever you thought your life was like a zoo, think again. The zookeepers at ZooAmerica in Dauphin County are busy tending to over 200 animals from eagles to elk. Their daily rituals include feeding and tending to the animals to make sure they prosper while also trying to reintroduce some species of wildlife back into the world. That is why people celebrate Zookeepers Week.

The zookeepers are important this time of year as well, especially with the hot summer time temperatures. The four full-time zookeepers on staff are working hard throughout the days to make sure the animals have the proper diet necessary and stay cool during the hot summer days.

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Here is some more information courtesy of ZooAmerica about Zookeepers Week:

ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park is home to more than 200 native North American animals that are cared for by Zoo naturalists on a daily basis. This week is National Zookeeper Week, where visitors and employees alike can thank Zoo staff members for all that they do.

ZooAmerica has many behind-the-scenes projects that its naturalists have been working on to help with the conservation of a variety of species. Within the last three months, Zoo naturalists have been caring for several baby animals and recently welcomed a pair of snowy owl chicks in mid-June. The Zoo hasn't been able to successfully breed snowy owls since 1994 and plans to introduce its hatchlings to other Zoos in the future.

Zoo naturalists also have been busy working to raise rare regal fritillary butterflies. This species has only been spotted at Fort Indiantown Gap east of the Mississippi river, and ZooAmerica staff members have been helping to reintroduce the butterflies to the wild.

Though many conservation projects take place outside of public view, the Zoo also educates guests about the importance of all species in our world through on- and off-site programming, tours and its ZooCamp program.

For guests interested in learning more about the work that Zoo naturalists do, or to thank them personally, ZooAmerica offers a daily "Keepers Corner" event at 6:30 p.m. near the prairie dog exhibit at the Zoo throughout the summer.

ZooAmerica employs four full-time zookeepers that are among approximately 6,000 animal care professionals throughout the United States.