When it's time to rock, one Lancaster County company is answering the call. In this week's Made in PA, FOX43's Michael Gorsegner takes you inside Tait Towers, one of the world's leaders in stage construction.

From famous rockers to the Rockettes, a Lancaster County company is making sure the stars stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

"We kid around that we are the NASA of stage builders, so we kind of like that," said owner Michael Tait.

Tait Towers in Lititz builds hundreds of stages for artists like Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. The company takes a group's idea, design the specs and makes it into a functional and fashionable part of the tour.

"Rock `n Roll is meant to be spontaneous, a young man`s business and doing crazy things. But we kind of mold and shape those ideas so they are practical without losing any of the edge," Tait said.

The work starts with the design team. Computer renderings pump out the concept. Then, it's time to cut the aluminum, piece together the decking and the towers and whatever bells and whistles the group's desire. The end product typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to finish.

From video components to stage decking and everything in between, Tait brings together the whole entire stage experience. That type of variety really allowing the company to look up towards a positive future. "I started with one person in the shop and today we have over 220 people," said Tait.

Michael Tait says his workforce is some of the best and brightest in the industry which allows Tait Towers to revolutionize the stage world. Magnetic interlocking parts, video stage decking and motion control software are all on the cutting edge and are all components of Tait's stages.

"That is part of our strength, is having really good people," Tait said.

And as the concert experience grows, so do expectations. Each performer looks to outdo the rest. Even though it wasn't his original plan, Michael Tait hopes to expand on his good fortune.

"I did it because I loved the music and I love to build things. I didn`t realize it would become such a big business," said Tait.

Tait also leases staging equipment. The cost of a custom designed stage starts in the thousands and tops out around $9 million.