Nothing beats that morning cup of joe, especially when it's fresh. In this week's Made in PA, FOX43's Michael Gorsegner gets a look inside Lancaster County Coffee where the beans have been roasting for 10 years.

"You just won`t find a fresher cup of coffee," said Vice-President of Lancaster County Coffee Scott Smith.

One word rules the roost at Lancaster County Coffee, freshness. The small roaster cooks up hundreds of pounds of coffee each and every day.

"The product just can't get any fresher. You are roasting it on Tuesday and delivering often times on Wednesday," Smith said.

The freshness starts with the beans. Bags of beans from Central and South America to Africa line the warehouse. The different beans allow the company to develop different blends.

"As a manufacturer, you can tweak things at any moment. You can change your blends, change your roast, change coffees that you order," Smith said.

"It's a good feeling knowing that i make it and i produce it and they enjoy it," said Production Manager Dave Turner.

Once the beans are weighed; it's time for toasting. A 55 pound roaster runs over 400 degrees for about 15 minutes, turning the green beans into dark magic. The higher the temperature, the darker the roast.

"When it gets to a certain temperature, it drops out into the cooling bin and then from there, i take it to the grinder," Turner said.

After grinding, the coffee is packaged and stored and ready for shipping.

Nothing beats the smell. Lancaster County Coffee produces eight varieties of whole bean, in all, 500,000 pounds of coffee each year.

And while wholesale is the business model now, retail is the goal. Scott Smith hopes to open a cafe or stand to brew his morning mocha.

Lancaster County Coffee employees eight people right now but Smith says as they continue to expand, they hope to add on more workers.