It is that time of year when home heating bills begin to eat away at the monthly income of many people. A federal program called LIHEAP tries to help people who are struggling to keep their homes warm. The application process for LIHEAP begins today.

Any single person home making $16,300 or less a year qualifies for this program. The program provides $100 to $300 in help towards paying for heating bills or fixing equipment used for heating your home. It's a little extra help in what are some tough, cold times.

LIHEAP stands for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The goal of the federally funded program is to help hundreds of thousands of people a year with rising winter energy costs. The amount being given is expected to be lower this year because of anticipated cuts in funding to the program.

The minimum grants and cash payments begin at $100 and top out at $300. To get assistance, a person needs to fill out an application for aid as soon as possible, with that application process beginning today. Officials say the money is there for those who need the help and people shouldn't feel embarrassed about applying for the grants.

The income requirements have changed since last year, so here is a look at the maximum amount of money you can make to be eligible.

1 person -- $16,335 maximum income

2 people -- $22,065 maximum income

3 people -- $27,795 maximum income

4 people -- $33,525 maximum income

5 people -- $39,255 maximum income

6 people -- $44,985 maximum income

7 people -- $50,715 maximum income

8 people -- $56,445 maximum income

9 people -- $62,175 maximum income

10 people -- $67,905 maximum income

(For each additional person, add $5,730)

There are two types of grants, a cash grant and a crisis grant. The cash grant will go directly to the person's utility company. The crisis grant will help people who are close to having things shut off or have broken equipment.

For assistance or to fill out an application, head to LIHEAP and fill out the form.