Hurricane Irene has finally blown through the northeast leaving a path of death and destruction. Twenty-one people are confirmed dead from the storm and over four million people are in the dark. Thousands in Central Pennsylvania are still without power.

This is just a small example of the daunting task ahead for power crews in Central Pennsylvania. A pole along West King Street in Lancaster snapped, bringing down lines around it and forcing police to shut down the road. It is the picture in so many parts of our area leaving thousands of people in the dark.

Here are the latest outage numbers. PPL is reporting over 8,500 people in the dark in Lancaster County with another 7,000 outages in Dauphin County and 6,000 outages in Cumberland County. They also have a handful of people without power in Lebanon, York and Perry counties.

Met Ed is also reporting over 7,000 people in Lebanon County are without power this morning. Another 6,000 people are still in the dark in York County while Adams and Dauphin counties are checking in with over 3,000 outages combined.

In all, PPL says they still have about 125,000 statewide without power. Believe it or not, that is down from almost 400,000 thousand at the peak of the storm.

Both PPL and Met Ed say they can't guess as to how long it might be before all of the customers are restored. It could be several days before power is fully re stored.