If you have ever thought to yourself, "I can make a better candy bar then this," here is your chance. Hershey's Chocolate World has a new interactive exhibit called Create Your Own Candy Bar that allows guest to build a milk chocolate bar from scratch, adding ingredients and packaging that will customize your bar.

Create Your Own Candy Bar opened in June. After paying for the experience, you enter the exhibit where you will wear a hair net and apron. The first step, deciding what to put in your bar. You have six choices, from sprinkles to crisp rice. Once you have decided what to put in the bar, you move along to watch the process unfold.

The bar literally goes through the same process as in the real factory. Machines put the fillings inside and the enrober, coats the bar with the chocolate. It then goes through a cooling tunnel.

As the bar is cooled, guests can design the packaging that the finished product goes into. After designing the wrapper, you can watch the cartoner take your bar, put it into a box and then the product is complete.

The whole experience takes between 30 and 45 minutes. The cost is $14.95 and you walk away with a customized Hershey's milk chocolate bar.

For more information go to Hershey's Chocolate World.