Just a few months ago, the Cash for Clunkers program was all the rage, bringing in millions of dollars for the car industry. Now, a new program is looking to give you an incentive to go green in your home.

The federal government is doling out $300 million to all 50 states in the country, to give out whatever way they feel fit, to improve energy efficiency in appliances. Pennsylvania has decided water heaters and furnaces will be the focus. The goal is to improve the economy and the environment.

If your furnace or hot water heater is in need of replacing, there is some good news. You could be getting help from Uncle Sam. Pennsylvania, taking part in the Cash for Appliances program to help boost the economy and improve energy efficiency.

"It has been an incredibly effective program in reducing green house gas emission, and saving both consumers and businesses dollars on their energy bill," said Maria Vargas from the Environmental Protection Agency.

This program is easy. All you have to do is buy a new system and mail in the rebate and cash will be heading your way. But Pennsylvania is a little different then many other states. The focus here in PA will be non-electric home heating products.

Here's a list of the qualifying products that will land you a rebate: 1. Gas storage water heaters 2. Gas tankless water heaters 3. Oil furnaces 4. Gas furnaces 5. Oil boilers 6. Gas boilers.

Each of the products has to be Energy Star qualified and ultra efficient. Although not all experts are sold on the Energy Star certificate.

"The tests are out of date. The manufacturers themselves supply the information to the government. The government isn't checking it or having an independent third party certifier that what the manufacturer is giving them is correct," said Mark Connelly of Consumer Reports.

One omission you will notice, washer, dryers or refrigerators. The white appliances are not a part of the rebate program in Pennsylvania.

The $12 million will be given back to the consumer through a mail-in rebate program. Once the money is gone, the program will end. Even though the rebates don't start until April, you can actually reserve one ahead of time.

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