A York County eye doctor is joining FOX43's Add One Job Campaign. One new employee is already working at May Eye Care Center & Associates in Hanover, and more positions are soon expected to become available.

Crystal Topper, of New Oxford, is a perfect fit as a new Ophthalmologist Scribe at the Center on Fame Avenue.

"Oh, I love it, like you learn so much stuff, I get to see a lot of different things in here so, I mean constantly learning different things," Topper says.

She's been on the job about a month; hired after owner, Dr. Carl May, Junior heard about the Add One Job campaign.

"I heard the advertisements & we had been expanding at the same time so I guess the two of them simultaneously helped secure the idea," Dr. May says.

Topper is thrilled to have the job; the market and economy have not been kind.

"I used to have a fulltime job when I got out of high school, but then with the economy, I got laid off and then I went to another job that was only part time, I could never find a fulltime job," she says.

That is, until now, and business is looking up.

"We are getting more phone calls, we're getting more people interested and we're getting more people that are interested actually signing up to have these surgery that aren't covered by insurance," Dr. May says.

At his office, patients can get everything from a routine eye exam to cataract surgery and LASIK.

If you are interested in any positions that might be open at May Eye Care Center & Assoc., email your background and experience level to: JOBS@mayeyecare.com