A York County man returned to his hometown of Dallastown in November.  While in town, he has asked for help to continue his mission work in Haiti.

Nearly 20 years ago, Andy Stump began mission work in Haiti serving as a teacher for the non-profit group Water for Life.  It provides clean and safe water to areas around the world.  In July, Stump will separate himself from the organization, branching off on his own, creating Asaph Ministry. He hopes for help to keep his dream alive.

“Kids in Haiti don’t have that much to take advantage of,” said Stump.  “So it’s great for me to be there to be one little resource for them.”

Stump says statistics show most Haitians don’t finish primary school, instead many only complete about one to two years of schooling.  He also said more than half of 15 to 20 year olds are illiterate.

In the past, Stump has been fully funded by his hometown church, Christ Lutheran in Dallastown. Now that Stump is making the transition to begin his teaching ministry he needs additional support.

Stump needs close to $8,000 to construct learning centers and about $230 a month to live in Haiti.

If you would like to help visit http://clcdallastown.org/