State Police say an 8 week-old boy suffered fractured ribs and a broken leg at the hands of his mother. Amber Felts , 30, of Thompson Road, Delta, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child after her infant son was examined at York Hospital and Hershey Medical Center.

Felts and the baby's father, Andrew Johnson, attended a parade with the boy on July 14th. Afterwards Felts gave the baby to Johnson to be fed. The baby did not want to take the bottle, so Johnson immediately gave him back to Felts. She accused Johnson of injuring the baby when she noticed a mark on his back. Johnson called Felts' mother, Gwendolyn Felts. Gwendolyn Felts took the baby to her house and called police. She and Amber Felts took the baby to York Hospital.

Staff at the hospital suspected abuse and took x-rays, against the wishes of Amber Felts. The x-rays revealed no fractures at that time. The next day, while Felts was alone with her baby, she noticed the baby's leg fell to the side when she changed his diaper. She told her mother, Gwendolyn, and they again went to the hospital. This time they were referred to Hershey Medical Center for specialty treatment. A doctor there examined the x-rays taken at York Hospital and identified nine healing fractures on the infant's rib cage. The doctor, Dr. Andi Taroli, estimated the fractures to be 3-4 weeks old, indicating they occurred when the baby was only one month old. The injury was indicative of being squeezed between someone's hands.

The leg injury was a fractured femur that the doctor says could not possibly have happened by accident.

The baby was only with Amber Felts and Gwendolyn Felts between the two trips to the hospital, and Gwendolyn Felts did not notice anything wrong with the baby's leg when he was in her care, indicating the leg was fractured after Felts left her daughter's residence in the afternoon.