Staten Island has an unwanted group of visitors - and they seem to ruffle feathers everywhere they go.

Wild turkeys fill the streets year after year, causing trouble for local residents.

People who live in the Ocean Breeze section say on some days, they can't drive through the streets or let their kids play in the yard because there are so many turkeys all over the place.

Officials say there are about 100 turkeys that wander around the area.

The problem began back in 1999, when a local resident leleased her nine turkeys at the nearby South Beach Psychiatric Center and, since then, they've been multiplying.

People who live here are frustrated that nothing is being done about this.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is responsible for controlling the turkeys. Locals say DEC officials have come up with numerous ideas to deal with the turkeys, but so far nothing has worked.

City law protects wild turkeys from hunters.

Residents say they were told last year this problem would be taken care of, but now, a year later, the turkeys are still there.