Nine inches of rain fell on Riverhead leaving more than a dozen homes under water and making the only way to get around Horton Avenue by boat.

Homes were submerged, some with the water lines halfway up front doors and above windows.

The intense flooding has wiped out cars and destroyed practically everything inside the houses.

"My friend next door got flooded waist high, head high," Antonio Williams told PIX News from a rowboat.

It all happened in a two-hour span of torrential down pours Tuesday afternoon.

Underneath all the water between Osborne and Horton Ave. is a catch basin that ironically was designed years ago to deal with minor street flooding issues. That basin overflowed, due to combination of intense rains and cascading rivers of runoff from nearby farms. All the people who live in the area had to be evacuated.

"This is the worst it's been and we've been here 50 years," said one resident who was headed to a relatives house with suitcase in hand. When asked how long she was prepared to say she told PIX News a couple of days.

Unfortunately, officials tell PIX News it could take a week to get the flood waters pumped out.